Unlock the Power of Sound to Better Understand Urinary Health.

Clinically validated algorithms de-code and interpret data related to patients’ prostate health.

Home Uroflowmetry
& Automated Voiding Diaries powered by standard smartphones and Artificial Intelligence.

“At home uroflow would be very useful so that patients would be more involved in their treatments in between office visits. They could act on the data. When patients see improvements from data after an intervention, they will see objective proof of treatment efficacy.”
"What would be really valuable is being able to identify patterns and make comparisons from month to month...charts that showed trends in flow. Being able to see if what I eat or drink causes changes in output or spikes -- interested in  the insights that could come from this information.”
Patient with BPH & HIV
“Uroflowmetry is very common in the treatment and follow up of prostate issues in men. This is a huge potential
opportunity considering that soon half the population will have BPH.”
“A voiding diary is helpful for diagnosing and managing Interstitial Cystitis. The diary is done on paper and adherence is about 50%.”
“I wouldn't carry the cup around,
but I would carry my phone”
“LUGPA groups are always looking for different things that provide patient benefit but also financial benefit to the group. It would be helpful if it can be scaled to where you could have a pathway and offer it to 80% of patients with a certain diagnosis with certain features.”
“Given the uptake of telemedicine there would be a large opportunity to offload your practice so that you can see new patients, which is economically good. Chronic patients can move to remote monitoring. Patients who need a change of strategy will be identified much more quickly.”
“I would be interested to show data and such
from PRIVY at conferences.”
“I don’t think my doctor is proactive enough.
I’d like more check-ins between visits.”
Patient with NGB
"I host a lot of webinars with urologists and offer this
idea up - There is an app that helps do the urine test. Urologists are very intrigued"

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