How often or when
should I measure using PRIVY?
Guideline under specific urinary health related conditions and the importance of first morning urine.
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Your body is a delicate and intricate instrument. We recommend measuring as often as possible to understand your dynamic urinary conditions.
However, if you'd like more guidance in specific circumstances, see below.If you have any urinary health related symptoms, family history, underlying health condition(s), medication intake(s), or medical treatment(s), it's recommended to monitor your 24hr urinary behavior for about 4 weeks. This will help you and the medical professionals to understand your monthly pattern.If you had a procedure, generally, the recovery takes at least 2 weeks.If you are on a medication, it takes more than 3 months of assessment.
Is it important to hold urinating until my bladder feels full?
In general, it is good to have more than 150ml (5oz, a little more than a half of cup) of voided volume to get a meaningful uroflow rate. Although some clinics have a protocol to drink a bottle of water, hold for an hour, and do the measurement, it is not a requirement.
What's the importance of first morning urine?
Generally, the first morning urine sample is considered to represent your full bladder capacity and functionality. This is with an assumption that your sleep wasn't interrupted to urinate and it'd be difficult to find that long of an interval during daytime to fill up the bladder.

However, please note that if the bladder becomes too full, the power of squeezing out the urine becomes weaker than usual. And if it's' not full enough, it may not reach the maximum flow rate. Since PRIVY enables you to measure at your convenience, you can measure as often as you want to understand your daily urination pattern.