Above are some common mistakes we’ve observed.
See below for some adjustments you can try.

      1. Placement of your phone:

      2. A. [Male] Place the phone 3 feet, about arm's length, from the toilet water. If there's no suitable spot, bring in a bar stool to place the phone. Holding your phone may not only impact the quality of recording but also there's a risk of dropping your phone.

        B. Position the bottom of your phone towards the toilet since the microphone is located where your mouth is when the phone is held to your ear

        C. Ensure there's nothing between the phone and the toilet and that the phone has a clear angle to the toilet water

    1. Aim your urine at the water, not the sides of the toilet bowl

        1. Tap the 'FINISH' button BEFORE you flush the toilet

          A. This will help PRIVY to only capture the sound of the urine

        1. Limit the noise interference

          A. We recommend turning off the vent fan and closing the bathroom door to reduce any other  sounds (furnace, laundry, TV/radio, etc.)

        1. Stay connected

          A. Keep your Wi-Fi or cellular data network turned on

          B. The Privy Acoustic AI technology requires a stable network connection to transfer data to our servers for analysis [rather than say “Result Not Available” we should say something like “We could not send the data to our analysis server. Please check your Wifi or cellular data connection.”]