What is IPSS(International Prostate Symptom Score)?

The International Prostate Symptom Score (I-PSS) is based on the answers to seven questions concerning urinary symptoms. Each question is assigned points from 0-5 indicating the severity of the particular symptom.  The total score can therefore vary from 0-35 (asymptomatic to very symptomatic). Although there are presently no standard recommendations into grading patients with mild, moderate or severe symptoms, patients can be tentatively classified as follows: 0-7 = mildly symptomatic, 8-19 = moderately symptomatic, 20-35 = severely symptomatic. The international Consensus Committee (ICC) recommends the use of only a single question to assess a patient's quality of life. The answers to this question range from ‘delighted' to ‘terrible' or 0-6.  Although this single question may or may not capture the global impact of BPH symptoms on quality of life, it may serve as a valuable starting point for a doctor-patient conversation.

(National Health Service)